Driveworks Oil Filter

Oil Change Quick Guide

  1. Let the motor run for a few minutes to warm up the oil so that it will drain easier.
  2. Make sure the car is on level terrain, driveway works best.
  3. Remove the oil cap.
  4. Locate the Oil sump plug and oil filter.
  5. Jack up your car, place on jacks. (If necessary) Or Drive it onto Ramps.
  6. Unscrew the Oil sump plug counter-clockwise and place a container underneath your vehicle to catch the oil as it drains.
  7. Use a Chain Wrench to Unscrew the oil filter counter-clockwise. Sometimes this can be done by hand.
  8. Rub some oil around the seal of the new oil filter to to insure that it will seal properly.
  9. Screw the new filter on by hand. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!
  10. Replace your Oil sump plug
  11. Remove the axle stands and jack the car back down. (Or Drive off ramps)
  12. Pour in the new oil,
  13. Replace the oil-filler cap
  14. Start the vehicle and let it run for a few minutes.
  15. Check for leaks and double check the oil level.